About Us

Guiguinto Water District (GWD)is a wholly owned government public utility. Established and existing by virtue of the prevailing laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Governed by the rules and regulations of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the Commission Of Audit (COA) holder of a certificate of conformance, issued by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) on February 15, 1989.


Guiguinto Water District Mission is to:

Provide unparallel customer service to our community in terms of safe and potable water supply, modern technology, infrastructures, cost-efficient operation and personalized services.

Institute programs on wastewater management.

Strengthen relationship with private partner and other public entities by means of continuous communication and coordination.


Guiguinto Water District as a dynamic provider of municipal water service in collaboration with private and other public entities, resulting in sustainable, affordable, and environmentally responsible water supply and sanitation services.

BUSINESS PLAN (2017 - 2021)

Performance Improvement Program to achieve strategic goals.

Ugrading and Expansion of the Water System

undersized & dilapidated pipelines

needs technological upgrading of facilities

Fully saturize the whole Guiguinto & replace all dilapidated pipelines

Additional Storage

To continue supplying water in case of Electric Interruption & other purposes and Septage Treatment Plan


GWD was not able to provide water supply until year 2000, it is only in the time of Mayor Ambrosio “Boy” Cruz Jr. in the year 1998-2001.

Mayor Ambrosio “Boy” Cruz Jr. funded GWD with initial capital of ten million pesos (10, 000, 000.00) from the Municipal Government to construct and operate a water system to service three (3) barangays namely;

- Barangay Sta. Cruz

- Barangay Sta. Rita

- Barangay Pritil

One pumping station situated at Brgy. Sta Rita, serviced about 650 household through 8 kilometers of pipeline.

As of June 30, 2017


No. of Consumers

14 Barangays

Areas Covered


No. of Wells

357,573 cu.m

Production per Month

Guiguinto Water District

Board of Directors